Assistance For Olim


Olim Information Center :

Through the Zichron Yaakov Municipality's Social Services Department this center has just been opened as a pilot. 1. Volunteers are available to assist English and French-speaking Olim with simple (short) translations of forms and letters, government notices, bank notices, and can refer Olim to resources. This help center will take place every other Monday from 5 - 7 PM at the Mercaz Kehilati on Derech Sarah (the former Pelech School located near the Shupersol Shopping Center) 2. Monthly lectures will be held on useful topics such as Taxes, Bituach Leumi, Health Care, and others; as well as Holiday celebrations 

National Organizations 

AACI (Association of Canadians and Americans in Israel)
ESRA (English Speaking Residents in Israel)
HOB (Hitachdut Olei Britania/ British Olim Society)
Nefesh B'Nefesh 

Facebook groups 

Through the Zichron Yaakov Municipality’s Social Services Department and the Israel Ministry of Absorption, and through our partners, a variety of supports are available to Olim.  English-speakers should check back on this web site periodically, and join the Five Towns list serv and relevant Facebook pages (See Electronic Pages in this site).  

Yael Hindy at the regional Ministry of Absorption (in Hadera) is the best person to contact regarding rights and benefits from the State of Israel.

Heidi Goldsmith, the Municipality Social Services Department Liaison to the English-speaking Olim organizes events, supports, and provides overall advice to Olim.

Pnina Solomon, a native English-speaking Zichron Yaakov Council member at or 052.7002935

Sharona Stanhill of Nefesh B’Nefesh is also helpful for Olim from the US and Canada

Yanina Musnikow of AACI (Association of Canadians and Americans in Israel but they help everyone once they join) at 054.4909447 or

Specific supports to Olim include:


INTENSIVE ULPAN IN HADERA, Sponsored by the Ministry of Absorption, for Olim up to 10 years in the country.

500 hours total:  5 months, 5 days a week; Level Aleph, heavily subsidized.  Mornings 8- 12:30, or evenings 5:30 – 9 pm 3 days a week. One needs a referral from the Ministry.  There is an age restriction: till age 62 for women, 67 for me.  For more information contact Yael at the Hadera Absorption Ministry/ “Misrad Klita” Office:  04.6108411

ULPAN VEAHAVTA, Open to everyone

2 mornings a week for 1.5 hours each lesson.  Learning in small groups, according to Hebrew levels.  Fee.  Takes place in friendly, welcoming atmosphere at Kehillat Veahavat, located at the Shmura Commercial Center, Zichron Yaakov (next to Spin Plus).  For more information contact Sigal at 052.865.5504 or

INTENSIVE ULPAN AT KIBBUTZ MAAGAN MICHAEL, For young adults (late teens, early 20’s, with occasional exceptions)

5 months, Levels Aleph through Daled; Alternate mornings (7:15 – 11:30 AM) and evenings by week -- one week in the morning, the following week the evening.  Next sessions:  August 1, (exam is last week in July for placement in correct class) and February 1, 2017.  Cost: 1,000 NIS    Contact:  052.3784550


at the Matnas (Community Center) once a week in the afternoon, led by volunteer Etty Flis.  I hear it is free

More Ulpanim are available in Haifa, especially at “Bet Aba Hushi”