The Town of Zichron Yaakov

Zichron Yaakov was founded in 1882 through the generosity of Baron Edmund de Rothschild. Named for his father, Yaakov, it is among the earliest established towns in Israel.

Boasting a population of 25,000 residents, Zichron is just over twelve square miles, a quarter of which has developed into urban areas; the remaining land is zoned as agricultural.

The city council was founded in 1950.

Today, Zichron is a popular tourist destination for domestic and international travelers.

Here are some of our favorite spots:

Ramat Hanadiv, our Israeli "Botanical Gardens" and nature park is located between Zichron Yaakov and Binyamina. Perpetuating the memory of Baron Rothschild, it's a breathtakingly beautiful place for strolling, dining, hiking, and viewing scenery and wildlife over acres of well tended and natural trails. It's a center for ecological research, demonstrating vision and commitment to the community and environment through many successful projects, such as the therapeutic gardening program designed for people with special needs and retirees from the community. Ramat-hanadiv.org.il/en

The Midrachov Wine Route is our picturesque Main Street restored in its original style with many local landmarks, galleries, restaurants and coffee houses.

The Aharonson House tells the story of the Nili movement and its heroine, Sara Aharonson.

The First Aliyah museum shares the journey of the courageous pioneers who journeyed from the Diaspora to settle the land of Israel during the first Aliyah (1882-1903).

Beit Daniel hosts cultural and enrichment activities and workshops in coordination with outside institutions and organizations.

Elma Hotel, newly established in the heart of Zichron, is dedicated to the arts, hosting world class performances in a luxury environment. www.elma-hotel.com/season-schedule

Our population is relatively young, more than 65% of our residents are below the age of 44- see chart below:

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Women Men

Zichron serves as a bedroom community for Hi Tech centers and universities near Haifa and Tel Aviv; many of our residents work outside of Zichron. Some residents do work locally, mostly in tourism, hotels, restaurants and as farmers.

New Immigrants: Approximately ten percent of the Zichron population is comprised of families who immigrated to Israel within the last 15 years, mostly from North America, South Africa, England, Australia and France.